The best pixelmon 5.0.0 server with the friendliest staff and players
A place for unlimited fun!
Custom Terrain Our server has fully customized terrain so you are guarenteed to have an awesome view no matter where you choose to build your home! Play Now!
FREE COMMANDS Even brand new players that join our server has access to commands that you would usually have to donate to get. Some of these are /pokeheal Play Now!
Newest Update Our server will always be updated to the newest version so you can always play on the newest version of pixelmon! Play Now!
4400 Registered players
237 Active players
100 % of players satisfied
67 Reviews
Server Specs
3.3+ GHz Processor
Our servers use a quad core intel i7 processor ideal for gaming
Enterprise Grade Solid State Drives
We use Samsung 830 Pro series 240GB SSDs or better on our servers.
Error correcting and highly clocked, this RAM is deployed for amazingly high speed performance.
 DDoS Protected Network
DDoS attacks have become a constant threat to game servers. Our network is designed to help protect us from these attackers.
Enterprise Grade Hard Disk
We have an extra hard disk reserved for server backups to guarantee no Pokemon/world loss
Ubuntu provides us with the best in stability and performance we required for Minecraft Servers.
Featured products from the donation store
Darkrai Get a ton of features forever at an incredibly low price! Features: /fly /nick infinite set homes /god /speed /enchant /lightning /hat access to /warp ev and /warp shrines access to the MVP kit
$30 Buy Now!
Choose any pokemon Get any pokemon you want (no legends), you can even make it shiny for $3 more!
$10 Buy Now!
Choose any legendary Get any legendary you want, you can even make it shiny for $5 more!
$15 Buy Now!
Have any questions? support@unlimitedmc.org
Live chat (Discord) https://discord.gg/aDutH6M
Direct ip: pix.unlimitedmc.org